> Year 8

Year 8 is yet another important year for pupils at Fairwater High School. Having had a year to settle in, year 8 pupils are now aiming to make excellent progress in all subject areas.  It is essential that throughout the year, pupils are able to enjoy a range of experiences in different subject areas, in preparation for making Option Choices in year 9.

Pupils can also enjoy opportunities to participate in a range of  extra-curricular activities— there is a timetable of activities including many sporting clubs, homework and ‘catch-up’ sessions, as well as subject specific clubs which add to the school experience.

Progress Manager
Mrs C Haynes

Assistant Progress Manager
Mrs A Alonzi

Form Tutors
8S1             Miss K Harry
8S2             Mr D Lloyd
8S3             Mr P Wilson
8S4             M D Baribeault

Dates for the diary

Interim reports to be sent out at the start of a new half term.

Parents Evening
February 19th 2014

End of year reports
May 2014

Awards Evening
June 26th 2014




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