The Mathematics department at Fairwater High School is situated in the upper school building and currently comprises of 5 classrooms. We also have 50 laptops that are used within the department, making use of the many online maths websites including mymaths and mathswatch.

We are a successful department and in our 2013 results 81% of year 9 achieved level 5, 48% of whom reached level 6+. In year 11 97% of students passed with 59% gaining C+ of whom 39% gained A*- B grades at GCSE. The success continues into year 13 with 33% of the students gaining an A or A* at A Level mathematics.

Our success is built on engaging, quality teaching and learning in lessons, with challenge and progress being at the heart of our lesson planning. We support and improve our students’ numeracy/number skills by starting every lesson with a number starter and encourage our students to use both non-calculator and calculator based methods appropriately with confidence.

We monitor our students’ progress closely every half term to ensure everyone is working to fulfil their potential. We set homework regularly and all pupils’ complete assessments every half term. We support our students with additional lessons at GCSE and extra revision time after school, and all our students have access to the online resources from mathswatch and mymaths.

We are a very approachable department and depend on good communication links with pupils, parents and staff to allow our pupils hard work to be worthwhile and their achievements celebrated. To help us achieve this you can follow us on twitter! @MathsFHS

Maths Learning Area


We use New Maths Frameworking (Collins Education) through out key stage three and all texts are available digitally for pupils to take a copy home. Pupils can also utilise the homework and activities available on the mymaths website and the revision video clips on the mathswatch website.

The majority of activities used in lessons are levelled to allow pupils to gain confidence understanding of how we assess their work and all assessments results are levelled and targets/comments given to help our students identify how they can improve for next time.

Pupils have 6 maths lessons a fortnight where they follow the programme of study as well as a numeracy/number work lessons to boost their skills working with number and numeracy.

Each programme of study is broken down into 18 chapters with each chapter focussing on Number, Algebra, Geometry and Measure or Statistics. Pupils in year 7 are taught in mixed ability groups, whilst year 8 pupils are set by ability and then follow a programme of study appropriately.

Year 9 pupils follow the 3 year linear Edexcel Maths GCSE (1MAO) programme of study allowing them to track their progress by level for the end of key stage report and by GCSE grade.

The Literacy and Numeracy Framework can be found here:

The mathswatch website can be found here:

The mymaths website can be found here:


Pupils are set at KS4 working through either the Higher or Foundation tier GCSE. All pupils follow the linear Edexcel Maths GCSE (1MAO) programme of study, tracking their progress through well designed assessments based on actual GCSE questions. Each class is equipped with Edexcel endorsed text books and supporting material to allow our pupils to work towards their exams with confidence.

Before external exams pupils follow a very structured 8 week revision programme of weekly past exam paper based homework, after school revision sessions and additional lessons where needed. Staff work closely with parents keeping them up to date, weekly at this stage, to maintain the levels of revision at home to a rewarding level needed to achieve success at GCSE.

The specification, sample assessment material and other information can be found here:

The mathswatch website can be found here:

The mymaths website can be found here:


Pupils who obtain B or better at GCSE are welcome to continue their studies of maths at an advanced level. Pupils follow the Edexcel Maths A Level GCE programme of study, with a selected group also studying the Further Pure AS Level GCE.

Through out the two year pupils complete Core 1, 2, 3 & 4 modules as well as a Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1 modules. Students studying the Further Pure AS Level will also study the modules Further Pure 1, Decision 1 and Mechanics 2.

The specification, sample assessment material and other information can be found here:

The mathswatch website can be found here:

The mymaths website can be found here:


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