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Summer 2015 Revsion

Please use the documents below to help with your revision for the written exam on Wednesday 3rd June. You have already had paper copies of it all but these can be accessed anywhere on any device!


This is the booklet produced by the WJEC to support the course. The exam will be based on it, read it, test yourself and see me for any help or further explanation on any topics.

GCSE Computer Science 2015 COURSE BOOKLET



This is last years paper, keep answering all the questions until you can do them without looking at the mark scheme which is the next PDF below this one.

UNIT 1 2014


This is the mark scheme for UNIT 1 2014. Use it to help answer the questions until you can do them without looking at it.



There is an exam paper on pages 5 – 20 with the answers straight after on pages 22 – 30.

WJEC GCSE Computer Science Assessment Materials Version2 Jan 2014


There is an exam paper on pages 6 - 16 with the answers straight after on pages 18 – 22.

sample assessment material 2012



The IT and Computing department at Fairwater High School is situated in the lower school building and currently comprises of 5 IT suites with 126 computers. We are a successful department and in our 2013 results 89% of year 9 pupils achieved a level 5, 35% of whom reached level 6. In year 11 100% of our pupils taking IT passed with 90% gaining an A* – C grade. The success continues into year 13 with all students passing and 36% bettering their target grade.

The success is built on good teaching with interesting lessons and plenty of challenge, the schools target grade system allows us to regularly monitor progress and intervene at an early stage if needed.

We are pleased to have begun the shift to a Computing based curriculum and pupils in year 9 now study Networks, Programming and Web Design. The pupils acknowledge that this is hard work but really enjoy it. Computing places an emphasis on thinking and problem solving skills, but also encourages creativity to flourish. We have a GCSE Computer Science course running and are about to introduce A Level Computing. We also follow BTEC IT courses in Years 11 to 13, this allows all pupils at all levels to gain an IT qualification if they wish.

The department runs several gaming clubs to reward students who try their best in lessons these are very popular especially when they get the chance to beat their teachers!

IT and Computing – Learning Area

GCSE  UNIT 1 “Understanding Computer Science”  – 45% of course grade

This is the examination which will be 1.5 hours and based on the guide produced by the exam board below. We will have explored and furthered all the content prior to the examination. Please download the guide below and use it to learn/reinforce what is being done in lessons.

GCSE  UNIT 2 “Solving Problems Using Computers” – 30% of course grade

This is an on screen exam which will consist of 3 tasks which will have to be completed in 2 hours. There will be things like formatting some text and images with HTML, using Greenfoot software to create a program and writing a flowchart or algorithm.

GCSE  UNIT 3 “Developing Computing Solutions” - 25% of course grade

This task is started in September of Year 11. You are to choose one of the briefs below and develop a solution along with the appropriate documentation. This will take 15 hours of lesson time.

Home and Away

Secret messages


We mainly use MS Office 2010 in years 7 and 8. Year 7 pupils coming to us are generally already confident users of IT. Our focus is enhancing these existing skills, getting pupils producing quality work which demonstrates good literacy and numeracy.

The work produced by pupils has to be fit for purpose and all pupils have to create a draft for each document. The work is then annotated to show what can be improved. To do this we use their own ideas and peer comments. This then starts to become a natural process for them and the benefits are seen in the quality of work produced when they choose IT or Computer Science as an option in Year 10. Homework set for years 7 – 9 is used to help design or plan tasks that are to be completed in lessons.


Year 7 Autumn Term Year 7 Spring Term Year 7 Summer Term
Safety in IT Using spreadsheets – Theatre Seats Model What are Databases?
Café Menu Creating Spreadsheets – Pocket Money Using Databases – Car Database
Weather forecast using presentation software Foxes and Rabbits – Environmental Modelling Understanding the need for databases and comparison of old and new database technologies
Assessment Advanced Spreadsheets – Concatenate and list management Assessment


Year 8 Autumn Term Year 8 Spring Term Year 8 Summer Term
Staying Safe Online Grades Spreadsheet What are Databases?
Placemats Task Café Spreadsheet Creating a database
Product Design Task Assessment Assessment

Year 9 follow a Computing Curriculum, it is proving to be very popular and prepares pupils for IT or Computer Science in year 10 if chosen as an option.

Year 9 Autumn Term Year 9 Spring Term Year 9 Summer Term
Networks Programming concepts Understanding the Greenfoot IDE
Understanding Websites Scratch Programming Tasks Game Design using Greenfoot (Java Programming)
Web Design using HTML Binary and Logic Gates Assessment
Assessment Assessment


Every year over half of year 10 choose to study either IT or Computer Science in Fairwater High School. Pupils have a computer each in lessons and get to cover a wide variety of topics. Pupils are required to spend time at home honing skills as programmers to be able to produce quality solutions to examination questions.

 Computer Science

This exciting course revolves around how computers work and how we can program them. We use Visual Basic and Java Script as the main programming languages, but also learn about App development. Assessment consists of two examinations and a practical programming activity.

The main topics covered are:

  • Computer Systems, Data Representation, Computer Software, Networks,
  • Internet and Communications, Algorithms and Programming.

The specification, sample assessment material and assessment information can be found here:

 BTEC Level 2 IT

This is a challenging course that covers a wide variety of topics and can be tailored to the pupils in each class. The assessment is based on coursework and we currently offer the following units:

Unit 1 Communicating in the IT Industry
Unit 2 Working in the IT Industry
Unit 3 Computer Systems
Unit 17 Website Development
Unit 23 Computer Graphics

The specification and assessment information can be found here:

 BTEC Level 3

We currently offer BTEC Level 3 in the 6th form. The course has a wide choice of units which are listed below. The department will soon be introducing an A Level in Computing.

 Year 12

Unit 1 Communication and Employability
Unit 2 Computer Systems
Unit 20 Client Side Customisation of Web Pages

 Year 13

Unit 42 Spreadsheet Modelling
Unit 18 Database Design
Unit 15 Object Orientated Programming

The specification and assessment information can be found here:



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