How our students learn

What we do as teachers makes a big difference to the quality of learning and, beyond this, the life chances of pupils in our classroom. An effective teacher is able to use a variety of teaching styles to fulfil a range of planned learning outcomes. The bedrock of the Teaching and Learning Policy at Fairwater High is effective teaching and learning in the classroom.

Effective teaching involves delivering lessons that:

  • Have clear, well focused learning objectives
  • Include tasks which are relevant, challenging and well presented
  • Ensure that work is matched to the pupil’s learning preferences and abilities
  • Are well paced with challenge
  • Have a high expectation
  • Support pupils literacy and numeracy development
  • Enable progress to be made by all

In lessons and, indeed, across the school, teachers at Fairwater High develop positive relationships with pupils, treating them fairly and talking to them appropriately at all times. Classroom routines are firmly established and a calm atmosphere pervades all lessons. Through a range of teaching styles and resources, teachers deliver activities which incorporate different ways of learning, from independent research, to group work to peer assessment.

Fairwater pupils become confident and independent learners, highly motivated and ready to face the challenges of further education and the workplace.


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