6th Form Life

Sixth Form Student Life

The pleasant and purposeful atmosphere in the Sixth Form common room is ideal for study. Students often work together sharing ideas, offering support and helping each other solve problems. Maintaining the delicate balance between work and relaxation is achieved through co-operation and the mutual respect of staff and students.


Sixth Form students have access to a well-equipped library where they can use the reference books, the computer facilities or complete homework in quiet surroundings.
There are a number of computer rooms available and students can also work in the Sixth Form area.

The key to success in the Sixth Form is to ensure students manage their time effectively. Free periods are used to complete work set by subject teachers and will help to ease the workload.


For one hour a fortnight, Sixth Form students attend a tutorial lesson. A varied programme is provided including religious topics, study skills, job opportunities and university entrance.

Outside speakers often visit the school and pupils are given the opportunity to ask questions, put their own views forward and debate.

Variety is the spice of life

Life in the Sixth Form is full of opportunities. Students can explore their talents in depth and widen their interests and experiences. The Sixth Form, along with the rest of the school, benefits from the presence on site of the Leisure Centre and Drama Hall.

Sixth Formers are encouraged to make use of these facilities and many of them participate in the school’s musical events, often providing the leading figures and many of the supporting cast for school productions.


An increasingly important feature of the activities undertaken by the Sixth Form is its involvement with works of a charitable nature, both local and nation-wide. These can range from house-to-house collections and sponsored walks and swims, to major campaigns such as Comic Relief and Children in Need.

Student Mentoring

A rewarding experience for many Sixth Form students is the opportunity to act as “buddies” for younger students to support their development of literacy and numeracy. This can take the form of one to one programmes during registration, volunteering at the Learning Resources/ASD base or supporting pupils within departments during their free lessons.


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